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Download GoVisit app i dag og opdag dit næste eventyr! Både til hverdagen, weekenden og ferien.

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The GoVisit app is used at almost 60 campsites in Denmark – download GoVisit app for free

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Your presence can be 100% anonymous!

  • Open the app upon arrival or search before arrival
  • CHECK IN and you will access their Digital Guestbook
  • General information, live program, messages and more

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  • Receive news and offers all year round

Explore the area nearby

  • Find the nearby experiences, attractions and events
  • The app is based on your location, no matter where you travel in Denmark!

Inspiration on the spot

Open GoVisit App when you find yourself in a new area in Denmark. The app is based on location, and will show you exiting experiences and events CLOSE to you YOU.

Better planning

Favor experiences and events with the HEART, and you will easily be able to find them again.

In fact, we will give you a notification 15 min. prior to your favored events.

Adjusted search

Use our filters to see specific experiences and events based on YOUR interest.

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